Talking to Our Parents

Who wouldn’t want to have the perfect home life where everyone gets along, everyone exchanges pleasantries, cherubs fly about the house and love ekes from every pore in our bodies?  But it doesn’t happen that way, does it?  We are … Read More

Elder Abuse - Sad But True

I recently received a request from the law firm of Levin & Perconti out of Chicago, IL asking me to post an article they had written regarding elder abuse in nursing homes. I read through the article and saw red. … Read More

The Secret to Living Longer

Here's a great TED talk on the positive influence of social interactions on aging. Contact Seniors Helping Seniors today to learn how our services can help both Caregivers and Clients receive the essential social interactions we all need to live … Read More

Can Seniors Helping Seniors Help You? You betcha!!!

Did you know that genetics only determine between one-fourth and one-third of a person's longevity? The rest of your life depends on healthy lifestyle choices such as healthy diet and exercise, maintaining social connections with friends and family - especially … Read More