Lions and Tigers and...Driving in Houston - OH MY!

Driving in Houston - the Stress is Overwhelming

Typical rush hour traffic in Houston! Wouldn't you rather leave the driving to us?

Did you know that Houston has the top two most congested highways in Texas, and three of the 'most dangerous roadways in America' as determined by a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration study? Unfortunately navigating our roadways is an important and inevitable necessity for us to get to appointments, to attend social events, and to run errands.
Let's face it - driving in Houston can be scary and dangerous. So why not leave the driving to us! At Seniors Helping Seniors we can come to your home and safely drive you to and from your destination. Once we arrive at your home, we help you get safely settled and back to your day - all without the stress and anxiety of navigating Houston's complex highways!

Houston Driving "Rules" and Tips

Believe it or not, Houston - like many big cities - has "rules of the road" intended to help improve the flow of traffic on our highways. These rules tend to transcend the laws that govern driving, such as speed limits and the use of proper lane changes. So the while safety implications of these "rules" may be in question, we think it's important to review them so that you're aware of what others are thinking as they zoom around the city. These rules include things such as "Drive Faster", "Mentally Prepare Yourself for Undue Aggression", and "Driving downtown requires reading comprehension and rule-following, for real." Imagine trying to adhere to that last rule if you have trouble with your vision, hearing, or you're under a lot of stress from the aggressive traffic zipping all around you! If you want to see all the rules, check out the Houstonpress blog here:


Caucasian woman driving classic convertible

You're probably not smiling ear-to-ear when driving on Houston's major highways!

Geico, like most auto insurance companies, offers some additional pointers to help senior citizens safely navigate the labyrinth highway system of our big city, with one key point that we believe is important for everyone: "Find a car that fits your needs." It may seem obvious, but ensure your car provides comfort, good visibility, and has safety features to protect you in the event of an accident. With today's technology many cars now provide visual and audible collision warning indications, adaptive cruise control to help you maintain safe distances from other vehicles, and moving map displays to help guide you accurately to your destination. Learn more here:

Our Door-to-Door Services

If all of this seems overwhelming, scary, and too much to handle, then contact Seniors Helping Seniors to learn more about our Door-to-Door program and how we can ensure you get back and forth - SAFELY - from your home to your appointments, events, and errands. Through this program we pick you up at your residence, drive you to your destination(s), escort you in and out of the vehicle and locations you need to visit, drive you home, and ensure you get back into your home safe and sound. Our D2D program is based on a 3-hour round trip, but we can shape our services to accommodate each client's needs. If you still have some time left after your appointment, then we'll assist you with a few chores around your home!

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